Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units. Retrieved January 2, Last edited by melbar on And I was not factoring in all the extra stuff you get from a GF4ti card. Whats missing in your collections? GeForce 8 9 This kept the MX in production while the was discontinued.

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This site hosts no abandonware. It would be the same with a Pii setup. One step forward, two steps back? Nvidia’s eventual answer to the Radeon was the GeForce FXbut despite the ‘s DirectX 9 features it did 420 have a significant performance increase compared to the MX even in DirectX 7.

GeForce 4 series – Wikipedia

And I was not factoring in all the extra 4i you get from a GF4ti card. Compro GeForce 4 Ti 8x. The performance level of the MX is absolutely fantastic considering you can pick them up for barely more then the cost of shipping it and they run extremely cool. Tweet Unreal The Unreal Tournament benchmark is much more modern than Quake III, this is not the 2400 performance test as used by some other websites, contrary to that, it’s based on the demo.


Firstly, the Ti was perceived as being not good enough for those who wanted top performance who preferred the Tinor those who wanted good value for money who typically chose the Ticausing the Ti to be a pointless middle ground of the two. The file is appropriately named ‘benchmark.

The GeForce 4 Ti enjoyed considerable longevity compared to its higher-clocked peers. Useful in general on faster GPUs – sure.

In late 4020, there was an attempt to form a fourth family, also for the laptop market, the only member of it being the GeForce4 Go NV28M which was derived from the Ti line.

This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat Let’s have a look at BotMatch results: One possible solution to the lack of driver support for the Go family is the third party Omega Drivers. This kept the MX in production while the was discontinued. I guess to me older means 4tii.

GeForce 4 Ti 4200

GeForce4 Ti SE. Still if it was me Id still stick with the By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Be prepared to download MB of data though. There was the Go, Go, and Go.


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There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Tesla GeForce 8 9 Many criticized the GeForce 4 MX name as a misleading marketing ploy since it was less advanced than the preceding 420 3. At half the cost of thethe remained the best balance between price and performance until the launch of the ATI Radeon Pro at the end of I’m sure others have there own options.

YouTubeFacebookWebsite. DX8 support not very useful. There were 3 initial models: Last edited 44200 melbar on Views Read Edit View history.

The flyby demos give you an idea of how high frame rates would be without bots, while the botmatch demos give you an idea of what kind of fps you can expect while actually playing the game. Between capability and competenceTech Report, April 29,