If the value is set to “Disabled”, the number of cylinders reported by fdisks reflects the real limit of the disk capacity, if another value is set “Normal” or “Secure” , the number of cylinders is lowered to hide this protected area. Suspend is not working. It appears that the SCSI emulation code behaves in a somewhat strange manner when coming back from suspend mode. The third one 2. The patch described above is now integrated into the airo-linux driver in sourceforge CVS. Retrieved from ” https:

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My current test of the kernel 2.

3 UNIX / Linux insmod Command Examples

So I made some aido on the driver code to find what functions are called, and when, to try to isolate bottlenecks in the aoro that could cause unexpected bahaviour. Another useful resource is an article in the August Issue of the Linux Journalthat gives some examples on how to program the chip. Probing for PCI adapters airo: The interest of this approach is that latest gpm does have support for the Ultranav synaptics.

RHEL 5 with Pieces of this and that. The time now is Want to know which application is best for the job? Evidently there is a Windows tool allowing you to modify the firmware, but if you already nuked your win32 partition, you’ll be in a pickle. I also removed the wifi0 interface dedicated to monitor modeuntil I find a way to properly access the whole With the help of the information found on sandpile.


Once you have enabled UDMA for this drive, the performances are rather good. Should I suspect random errors due to overheat? The third one 2. The problem was related to bad video RAM. The T40 is not shipped with a recovery CD, but instead contains an hidden area on the hard drive, that contains all needed data and programs to restore your laptop to its factory settings with formatted disk, and installed Windows XP.

The culprit process should show up quickly in the top list, when it generates a disk access that wakes the disk up. airp

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Although, this driver is functionnal, I stayed with vesafb, because the radeonfb driver seems to badly interfere with X, and suspend is no longer working in X when radeonfb is loaded.

[SOLVED] Cisco Aironet with airo-wpa driver and Network Manager

The new version of cpufreqdversion 1. Any hope to get this fixed or at least confirmed? Kudos for the IBM technical service, that repaired the laptop within two days! This operation is relatively easy to achieve.

This module is correctly referenced by IBMand is supposed to work in my T I’m using Linux Mint 9, which might make a difference Without the possibility to properly enter in suspend mode in ACPI, I gave up, and reinstalled the APM modules both cannot coexist so a choice has to be done. There also have been reports that the Window driver auto-magically updates the firmware, so if you dual boot between operating systems one day your linux wireless driver may stop working.


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The T40 is a very slim machine. The airo-linux driver from the sourceforge CVS provides a preliminary support for the Cisco mini-pci card pci id 14b9: The conversion process occured anyway.

CONFIG_AIRO: Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 ISA and PCI cards

Note that this patch also works on a 2. Comment aito Ivo Sarak I upgraded my Agere internal softmodem driver, using the smartlink linux driver. Comment 10 Alan Cox The underlying protocol didn’t change, so you still can communicate even if both peers don’t share the same package version. The Intel chipset is rightly detected.