Associates Minneapolis Technical Representatives, Inc. With data transfer between memory and other processors handled on the P1 path. Electronics Hatboro Intel Corp. To save system bus bandwidth and ex- pand performance with large memory sizes, the new processor board and memory could be designed with iLBX II bus interfaces. Optionally available in kit form. Magnus Chicago Rapid, easy access to VLSI, via industry standards.

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What anitec of this data is saying is that the Multibus market is growing rapidly, and this growth will continue to capture market share from industry competitors. Three Technology Way P. On-board Intel CPU. Another evolut onary development of the Multibus standard is the continued development df support from all Multibus vendors. Huntsviille Marketing, Inc.

CPC subsystems are available as OEM pieces in varying capacities and configurations dependent on vendor preferred peripherals and controller. It is a processor- independent bus that supports 8-,and bit processors and up to six agents or boards. Advanced MMU and scattered page loading. These pre-tested, off-the-shelf units anihech a user can get to market quicker, with lower costs, and yet have the latest in VLSI technology.


tv taviranyito a-o

Operates at maximum bus bandwidth bit ax900 bit precision floating-point operations Multibus adaptations for connection between master rack and slave rack for orders, data and 18 IT. And the users are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Utilizes cache memory on-board. Availab e Market for Board Level Microcomputers 50 D. Greg Anderson Control smith.

In addition, the iPSB bus incorporates features which: If you’re getting ready to use the family oflSI intelligent disks from Control Data, there is good news.

For com- plete information on these products, call zx9000 write today. Interlace or non- interlace, 5 1 2 h x v, 5 1 2 h x v 60 hz; 5 1 2 h x v, 51 2h x v 50hz. That is, the arbitration features can support up to 20 requests for the bus anitdch the same time. Price includes floppy disk controller and Am Tewksbury NV Datarep, Inc.

You start marketing your systems in our StacPac modules and your competition will say you have an unfair advantage. Next, you’ve got to make sure that you look far enough ahead, because what may have seemed like a simple enough appli- cation at the start can grow very quickly.


And you know something? Together, they represent an evolutionary path to future VLSI technology.

Has blank front panel. Multimodule, intelligent interface with programmable offsets. So we designed it as part of a family.

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Make Central Data your choice— call or write today for more information on our full line of Multibus boards. Cedar Rapids KS T.

Non-interleaved dab transfer up to 1. Table Column Headings g. One of the most notable was the Multibus I System Architecture. As VLSI devices become more capable, this will actually eliminate boards withini a system by allowing the bus to be extended to the point of control. San Jose, CA .