Connection Pooling and Rowsets are also part of the optional package. We need to use the getXxx methods accessor methods to access the database columns of the individual row. From the stack trace, it appears the interclient driver doesn’t like one of the generic ways the IDM driver is trying to determine connection state: This statement object can be created using the Connection object we received from the Driver or the DataSource object. Now we can choose between committing our changes or rolling back by using.

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This is the error message. You can change the image that is overlayed over the entire app by changing the BackgroundImageRect. The driver manager will use the JDBC driver that’s appropriate for the particular database URL, and return a connection established using that driver.

Powered by JForum 2. The notify section shows new appointments that have been downloaded from the server that have not yet been viewed by the current technician. The executeUpdate method returns the number lnterclient rows that were affected by the SQL command.

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Profile information also shows up in the TMultiView menu. InterClient cannot connect as an applet when InterServer is running on the same machine. Ubuntu, Opensuse, Fedora, etc. SetAutoCommit false ; Once set to false we use the createStatement method followed by the executeUpdate method to run our command. Upcoming Latest Day Week Month. The other concern that has been raised internally has been of performance due to the code which was native is now going to be running in a Java JVM.


Clients have printers installed via login sript each time they login. They are writing to the database we are trying to read from it. InterBase is a full-featured, high performance, zero administration, lightweight, embeddable relational database for software developers. The template can give you a head start in building your own field service solutions.

This will keep your changes consolidated in one place. You can view a static map of the address of the appointment plus you can press a Locate button to bring up an interactive map of the address. Hence in our example a rs.

User and password The username sysdba and its default password masterkey are used in the example configuration above. Or, go to the privacy policy to change the cookie settings. It consists of demonstrations of different connectivity scenerios and a general overview of how to use the driver. These two applications are generally classified as 2 tier and 3 tier applications. Query Commands Once again in order to make a query we need to create the Statement object as described above.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now the indirect. A big question for people having existing application and expertise in ODBC is: This is the same old garbage from But I do not get the driver id and driver version it says, “atrribute not found” in the driver’s detail information.

Here is how it looks in code:.

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Thank you Rob and Mark. Now we can choose between committing our changes or rolling back by using. Ive created the driver store, print manager, etc.

The profile section shows the current Technician that is logged into the Field Service App and their various information. Unable to load third-party JDBC driver: InterServer will not start Options for starting InterServer.