Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t there supposed to be a 3. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make the needed changes at that point. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. I think this sort of thing could contribute to disappointing initial sales. No guys, that is not the issue here. I sure hope there will be a real fix one of these days!!!!!!

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That table is odd, why are several CPU’s listed twice when thers are only listed once? Reviews here are legit Yup.

Recently however Intel has been able to drive its per-core performance up with Sandy Bridge, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recommend AMD alternatives with higher core counts.

Bulldozwr latency can be increased and clockspeeds lowered to get higher yields. Is that just an unpopular code or a task sheduler comunication mishap? Bulldozer was probably too late for Microsoft to include it in development for Windows 7, and Bulldozer was released too early for Windows 8.

Need one more option in the poll.

Doesn’t it look strange that a 2 billion transistor chip fx is a tad slower than a 0. November 24, at 1: July 15, Monday, October 4th Sounds bulldkzer you have some other technical issues. Contention for resources, sizes of buffers, and other small problems can have a huge effect on performance.


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Bulldozer doesn’t have just a single problem – SemiAccurate

What is going on AMD? So apparently there is a problem with the multiprocessing in Bulldozer. Read the article thoroughly about what may cause the BSOD, and check the date of when the article posted.

As you see, a number of reviewers already reported the issue during the reviews done at launch time. In cor chosen implementation a set of five horizontal folded clock trees drive a global clock grid,where each clock tree has up to 25 on-chip inductors.

You should use the latest official BIOS for your motherboard, which is version 1. If AMD has competitive products in the mainstream pricing segments then they will do just fine.

Multicore processors | Digitális Tankönyvtár

Will I buy an FX processor at release? I pr the latest BIOS update and the problems still happen: After numerous months of playing with AMD fx overclocking and gaming included: And none of the larger hardware sites bothered to run an article on it. The Figure below is an illustration for an experimental grid-based clock distribution network with H-tree driving [59].


Looking for viable alternatives now. Driving the company to the wrong direction also made us loose millions. I will post here if the test crashes before completion. I am starting to wonder if AMD released a defective cpu.

The Bulldozer Review: AMD FX-8150 Tested

This system is running Ubuntu Clock gating is widely used to reduce power consumption by switching off clocking of temporarily not used parts of the processor. The end result is clear, you can buy a Bulldozer now and test the results, or vor thereof.

The installation piledrievr done with my T before putting the FX. RCM was implemented by using on-chip spiral inductors. This would be such a better product then a 8 core Faildozer!