Enter your search term here Now, restart the CNCSimulator. There is no hidden spyware or similar in our software and there will never be. You should now have received a license email. You will see a list of licenses that you have registered on your account one or several depending on how many computers you have installed the CNCSimulator on. Help us helping you by following the guidelines above! Machine Controllers Software and Solutions.

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If you are running the free version, your license will expire eventually. Did you find it helpful? Sometimes an antivirus program gives out a virus warning by mistake. CNC simulator does not seem to be sending any petrol file through when requested? You can also send it to an alternative email address, in case you have problem receiving emails from us. Click on the cncismulator to clipboard” button.

We recommend you to an account with Dropbox or a similar service. You will need the password for your cncsimulqtor this is the password we sent you when you registered the CNCSimulator the first time. You could have a firewall installed that only let traffic through to sites previously approved by a network technician. If you have lost it you cnvsimulator to reset it from the following page: You can order it from the License Manager.


Repeat till there are no more updates available.

If there is a specific error message, what does it say? The more details you can provide, the more quickly the technician can identify the source of the problem and correct it. You should see a message telling you that the CNCSimulator is reactivated. The CNCSimulator needs to contact our servers for licensing as well as online documentation etc. It can also happen if you have an unreliable connection cncsmulator Internet, like a weak Wi-Fi signal for example.

We receive a lot of emails and are doing our best to answer them as fast as cncsimulstor can. If you have lost it, you need to reset it from the petgol page: We recommend that you report it and also tell us about the problem so we can report as well.

Solution home General Getting Started. We have therefore decided to stop sending these cncsimulatpr. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Define the problem as accurately as possible. Enter the number from the picture as well and check the box “I have read If you cannot accept this, and want to be able to speak directly over phone with the company that delivers your software, at the instant you get a problem, then it is better you do not use CNCSimulator Pro.


If you have not received an answer as a free user, wait a few cncaimulator and try again. Help us improve this article with your feedback. It should start normally.

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You should see a message telling you that the CNCSimulator is reactivated. Whenever you have a technical question that needs answering, you want that answer as fast as possible, right?.

We are also quick on replying to support emails under normal load workdays. Did you find it helpful?

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Check the email account you used when registering the CNCSimulator the first time, as well as the secondary email you entered in the Copy to field. You can also send it to an alternative email address in case you have problem receiving emails from us.

This is what is called a false positive.