It is also useful for testing and prototyping. We introduced changes made by Ocke Janssen for OpenOffice. Still, these databases were designed for enterprise-level applications. I have found at least three problems. We also rewrote the whole area of code that controls persistence and handles memory caching of disk based rows.

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Today Hypersinic Week All-Time. You are encouraged to report any issues during development and we will fix them promptly. Java source code and extensive documentation included.

We also rewrote the whole area of code that controls persistence and handles memory caching of disk based rows. New databases are created with the default user “SA” and an empty password.

JDBC – ODBC Drivers, Connections and Strings (URL)

Thanks for your registration, follow us on our social networks to keep up-to-date. Point releases have appeared on average twice a year. The changelist for version 2.

Which topic are you interested in? We introduced oddbc made by Ocke Janssen for OpenOffice. Its compact size and oxbc licensing terms make it ideal for standalone applications and for testing and prototyping.


In-memory has been designed specifically for applets and, as you would expect, is the fastest mode.

The Hypersonic SQL project stopped development in late and was closed in In addition to regular enhancements to all areas of the engine, we will be enhancing and completing the additional features listed below, which are in an advanced stage of development or nearly complete. See the list of new features in version 2. odgc

What is your job function? This has led me to search for a standalone Java database.

After the release of version 1. By default, the database relies on a rudimentary file format: I started looking for an alternative Java database out of frustration with mainstream offerings.

Hypersonic SQL: A Desktop Java Database

Although it need not be as powerful as its server counterparts, it should support JDBC and SQL to allow me to reuse as much existing code as possible. Please send an email to the Maintainer, Fred Toussi, fredt at users. Post a comment Email Article Print Article.

Before reading this section, you should download the demonstration application. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.


The development is in its late stages. We continued to fix reported bugs against 1. Code for both efforts can be downloaded from the SVN repository. Granted, any of these databases run on a development machine but a developer’s computer is not typical of desktop computers. We have actively developed and released 8 new versions of the database since April and the code has moved on from the Hypersonic SQL original.

Hypersonic Windows Jdbc Gateway Odbc Jdbc

Developers are currently needed to write tests and improve the. Searching our resource database to find your matches We have been able to fulfil many requests for additional features or bug fixes and will continue to give priority to what users ask for. When you contribute code, you are expected to contribute tests that validate your code.

We released version 1.