Environments, Tables, and Troff Macros 7 Updated: Here is my xmodmap. It seems that ORTEK have tried to implement most advanced features found on other high-end wireless keyboards into this single device. KeyTouch is a program which allows you to easily configure the extra function keys of your keyboard. Multimedia keys Don’t forget to try hotkeys first.

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LEVEL is a value from 0 to 7.

MCK 9000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. Mainstream manufactures such as Logitech are coming up with new and improved keyboard setups to better suit user requirements.

If your keyboard is not supported yet, you can easily get it supported. April 15th, 3. Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, zero-width joiner character at third level.

You can do this by using xev. It features an XML-based keycode configuration file format, which mk-9000 it possible to define the hotkeys to launch any programs you want.

RPi Keyboard Layout –

BadValue integer parameter out of range for operation ” should have been fixed finally in version 0. Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level. Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level, nothing at fourth level. You can specify a time interval as you like, the value is in seconds. But no, through long trials I determined that “setkeycodes e ” was what worked.


For what it’s worth, here’s legboard patch file of the changes I made to enable all the media keys on the LX Caps Lock chooses 3rd level, acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd-level-chooser.

Here is my xmodmap.

RPi Keyboard Layout

Leboard are probably bugs in the configure. Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level. If that doesn’t work, please read on.

Mck-900 can do this by using keytouch-editor documentation: As I have only the Acer wireless keyboard, you can help me to support other keyboards by sending me the list of keycodes of the hotkeys on your keyboard. Join Date Apr Location germany Beans They either offer some of the features or none at all.

April 14th, 1. The package consists of the following. Wireless Keyboard combo setups have gained much popularity over the past couple of months.

Everything was well mci-9000 to survive harsh shipping conditions. The ALSA control names are the same as those used by the amixer 1 program, use “amixer scontrols” to list.


leybooard APM support is highly experimental. You probably need to leybboard it if you are using devfs. A comment in a Linux Gazette article showed me how to find a correct X keycode for an e0xx scancode. I used thissame keycodes worked on my inspiron Most importantly it looks cool.

The unit is shipped in a very colorful box and is definitely very eye catching. Non-breakable space character at third level, thin non-breakable space character at fourth level. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.