This is necessary for the correct selection of the built-in microcontroller mode operation operation or the firmware write to build-in flash memory , for the firmware activation and write of its activation status to the register memory. Antenna active or passive is connected to 21 RF IN pin. Made settings not saved. The application main window appearance is presented in Fig. The voltage at any time on any pin of the receiver should not exceed 3,6V.

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The evaluation board is designed for familiarizing users with the navigation receiver MLs. This tab defines which satellite group is used for positioning solution. The feature to connect and disconnect external battery on the fly allows developer to evaluate battery power impact on the design of the device. The application main window with the specified data exchange port. The board operation can require changing the port number or the exchange speed, or the interface cable can be connected to another USB connector.

The board allows connecting the receiver to a personal computer to examine information messages sent by the operating receiver. The parameter value is set in hexadecimal format 2 HEX digits per byte for the integer values or in the decimal format for the other formats. The right area of the window indicates messages, sent by application.


Operating Manual – Navigation Receiver MLs Evaluation Board

Note, that the leaks through the lines, connected to the module not allowed. The new evaluation board mini is different from the previous model, because of the lack of connector to install module MLs, DIP switches, several LEDs and battery backup. The data exchange port selection window. In remaining characteristics, the module is completely compatible to MLsE ; the firmware of the modules is the same. In this case the user can assemble the board partially to the extent necessary for the particular use of MLs module.

Maximum leak current is 2 mkA.

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This tab defines message set, sent by device. Data Output redirection Fig. The special information can be prepared both by external sources and transferred to the 3 Evaluation Board of MLs Receiver Operating Manual 2. The receiver multiplexer of MLs chip mo8088s to switch off independently separate or all the signal lines from the board.

This tab also shows NMEA channel estimated load, which depends on exchange rate and message set. The most often required port is the port with the highest number.

This tab allows selecting the differential correction source. NL has the advantage of high sensitivity, low energy consumption, and fast time to the first fix TTFF. Navia modules have successfully passed all the necessary technical metrological tests.

MLsI (MLsE) – NAVIA – GLONASS modules

Principe of module working based on parallel reception and correlation data processing using 32 channels of the received signals from different navigation satellites: Antenna active or passive is connected to 21 RF IN pin. Please see Figure 1 for the navigation receiver MLs. Receiver module has an excellent sensitivity, low power consumption and short cold start time. The main advantages of the module are its small size and power consumption, as well as a reasonable price.


The receiver embedded software is in standard factory release unless otherwise specified. After that you might need to correct the debugging information port number manually the Data Source port and Debugging Information Port numbers should not coincide and then click the Save button. Symbol of satellite with solid fill means the satellite is estimated for navigation solution and the satellite shown as colored ring means it is not estimated.

The supply voltage of the module is 2. When the application is run for the first time in Fig. The receiver is based on Mediatek MT chipset. The module contains a stage noise suppression system. Time to first fix varies from 35 s cold start to 1 s on recapture.